What you all think of this?

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It’s a new theme for WordPress I’ve just finished called fMulti

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. Available for download at my themes page.

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  1. 16 years ago  

    Wow…That’s the best theme I like that you made. Exept, the bullets would be nice If they were images. Really nice work. Love it.

  2. 16 years ago  

    I must say that this theme has a real cool potential i like it alot.

  3. 16 years ago  

    I will definitely use it since I have been search for a darker theme lately.

  4. 16 years ago  

    […] fMulti theme announced here is now released and can be downloaded. fMulti is something unusual as a dark theme with black and orange as the dominating colorsm, however go get a copy. […]

  5. 16 years ago  

    Nice theme. Some critics:

    – In posts, the numbering of ordered lists is displayed left outside the post’s margin.
    – Inside posts, h3 headers should definitively have more bottom spacing.
    – How about displaying headers inside post in another color? Displayed in grey it’s very difficult to distinguish them from normal text.

  6. Marxx

    16 years ago  

    Hi, very nice looking theme but where can i download it?


  7. 15 years ago  

    Nice template… What is the font used to write ‘screenshot – blog’ at the top of the page though? I’ve been trying to find that font’s name for ages

  8. 15 years ago  

    I looked all over hundreds of Themes but this is defenetly the Best! I use it for my own Blog ! Thanks a Lot !

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