Bad bet of the day

No Comments    January 25, 2006 14:01

At today’s poker session I made the most stupid thing
. I had AK in the pocket
. I raise big pre flop, one player called. Flop comes up: AKK. I checked, player checked, turn: 2, I bet big, player called, what’s he’s got I wounder

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. Does he have AK too in the pocket? Or does he have AA? Or perhaps QQ? I put him on AK and hope to get a split. River comes up: 6, I go all in to represent AA, player called of course
. I show my AK, and to my big surprise player shows AA . God damn it. I actually tried to represent the other player’s hand.

Well that’s poker and it was not much money involved but I did feel a little crippled afterwords. If I had checked the river the player would probably had moved all in and I had to call. So it was a bet from the start
. Next time I would do the same thing, having AA in the pocket with that flop, I mean what’s the odds?

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