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3 Comments    July 21, 2006 15:45

I have written a small forum plugin and I have implemented it here where you can post your problems and/or suggestions
. You can find the forums here
. Please, the forum plugin is still beta so some bugs might show up.

Please use this forum to get support from me and help from others. To minimize spam, registration is required to post in the forum

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Update: Registration is now working.

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  1. 18 years ago  

    Hi Mr. Fahlstad, I’m using your f-green theme on the blog that is hooked to my online magazine. Love the look. Just one problem, when I click on a category to see a posting in that category, then none of the “buttons” work on the navigational panes on the left or right. The only way to get anywhere is using the back button on the browser. Is this changeable, so that I can be in one category and then click to another category or use any of the other choices on the nav panes?

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