Studio 8 is released

No Comments    September 16, 2005 18:04

Finally Macromedia has released the Studio 8 suite for web developing
. So why don’t you go grab some trials download or just buy the darn thing. I have just downloaded it and will try it for 30 days and see if it’s worth buying
. The first thing I notice are the new interface for editing stylsheets and the new and improved logo

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Screenshot dreamweaver
It also fetaures a new zoom tool where you can zoom in on your layout for exact positioning and formatting. And code collapsing which enables you to hide certain block of code to make it more easy to overlook. A new toolbar with the most used tools ala Photoshop style. Color coding css blocks which makes it easier to movo to css based layout from table based
. More will follow when I have tested it for a while.

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