My first Texas hold ’em

3 Comments    September 15, 2005 23:47

Today I played my first Texas hold ’em poker game at my brother in law
. The other guys had played for a while and I sure felt like the rookie I was . We played three games and I actually won it all at the last game

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. It wasn’t a lot of money involved so no one left the game too poor.
The game table
It was fun and I will surley play this game again. Since I won the first time I will probably never win again. But it is not the game or the money that’s important, it’s beeing around friends having fun.

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  1. Johan

    19 years ago  

    Congratulation on your winning.

  2. Fredrik Fahlstad

    19 years ago  

    [Johan] Thanks.

  3. 19 years ago  

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