MacBook report – part three

2 Comments    July 14, 2006 09:48

I have used my MacBook for quite some time now and I must say that I have never owned a “better” computer

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. Read the previous reports, part one and part two.

This is an article for you who are about to come out of the PC-closet, so if you still use a PC and thinking of switching, read on.

Two computers in one

indextop20060405.gifSince Apple released the Boot Camp which let’s me install Windows XP on the Mac I do not even miss the gaming part. And the MacBook is great for gaming
. I did have some problems with the installation of the drivers at first but some tweaking solved the problem

When I need to use Windows XP but not in need for the graphics card for gaming such as online poker I use Paralells Desktop which is a virtualization application and let’s you run additional OS’es inside Mac OS X.

Less maintanance more work

By doing the switch I have minimized the time I spend on keeping my computers clean from malware, viruses and trojans. Pre-Mac I use to spend every morning updating my virus protection, read firewall logs and of course, sorting spam from my inbox. This would take me some half an hour, not counting spam sorting, this is valueble time since “time is money”
. Now I just starts the computer and get to work rest assured that my computer is safe.

The screen, that wonderful screen

The screen (non-glossy) on the MacBook is just gorgeous, so gentle to the eyes compared to my IBM Thinkpad that was way too dark
. I did not realize this before I got the MacBook but now when I start it up I can’t stand it. I have heard many complains about the heat and noise of the MacBook, sure it gets hot but I cat’t say it bothers me, the IBM did also get hot so it’s not that much a difference.

Programs and games

I thought I would miss some of the pc programs after the switch but that’s not the case. I’ve managed to find equivalent or even better programs for the Mac. This article shows some of the programs I recommend.

For you who are about to switch

Do not hesitate, I know the hardware is a little expensive but rest assured it’s worth every penny
. As I said more work less tweaking and the up comming Mac OS X Leopard is it self a reason to switch.

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  1. 18 years ago  

    good stuff. i’m actually trying to get the macbook. i currently own an old ibm thinkpad t20. and, it’s starting to show it’s age.

    anyway, i’m only hearing good things about macbook, except for its over-heating.

    thanks for the reviews!

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