MacBook report – part one

1 Comment    May 4, 2006 20:58

I got my MacBook yesterday and I thought I share my first impressions
. You can see some images of the unpacking in my photo gallery
. I’ve got the MacBook this tuesday delivered right at my doorstep. The first I notice is the mose buton is not feeling as it should, I have to press exactly in the middle of the button to get that click, really annoying. I called Apple in Sweden (I actually ended up talking to a person sitting on Ireland) and they said that button should not be that way. Oh no, now I have to send it away and wait another month to get it fixed.

To my delight the support guy gave me an reference number for the service and told me to go to my local Apple Approved Service Provider. Hmm, I live in a small town so I thought that the nearest is very far away but luckily I found one a couple of miles from my house. I went there and got a very nice first impression

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. A service guy takes a quick look at the macBook and says to an other guy standing next to us “I order the spare part and you get his (my) phone number” I didn’t have to show the reference number. They will order the part and call me when it arrives
. The computer works and I  LOVE IT
. It get a little hot though . More to come.

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