MacBook Pro noise and heat

2 Comments    April 28, 2006 17:07

Now when I have ordered a 15″ MacBook Pro I have started to read opinions and reviews of the machine (A litle too late for that..). There are numerous reports of whining and other noises emitted from it. It seem that it appears when the second CPU core is idle and on battery power, no noise when the power cord is plugged in

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. Sounds to me it’s an electric/magnetic field issues. I have worked with micro computers and I can tell you that having electrical circuits emitting noise is not a good sign. Apple says that it’s a powerful machine and a little noise is normal.

And some people are reporting that the MacBook gets so hot it is impossible keep it in your lap
. Now the word “laptop” gets a new definition so from now on I guess we have to call it portable
Well I expect mine to arrive early next week . You can expect a full report.

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