Just got my moblog going

3 Comments    August 29, 2005 14:45

I have a moblog where I post pictures from my life

. Most of the times I take a picture with my cell phone then I e-mails the picture to my mail server where a php-script gets the e-mail text and the attached picture and posts it here

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. I’m using it as a plugin for WordPress which I have written myself
This is what I use
If you want one too don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. 18 years ago  

    Hey, i’d like to know what script you run to upload the pics you email? Sounds quite interesting… I can ftp form my phone, so i can upload pictures via that. There’s also and integrated application that runs on Symbian phones(i have 6630) that directly uploads a picture you just took, on request. That’s to a dedicated website of their own though, maybe they have soem kind of API that oe can interact with, or some kind of transfer protocol. Or maybe jsut some applicaiton ona phone that let’s you blog, and add pictures etc. I’ll check up on that.


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