iPod Nano – First impression

1 Comment    September 13, 2005 19:29

I finally got my new iPod Nano delivered today and what a beauty “she” is

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. The first that came to my mind when i saw it was how small it is… and thin. I have fairly big hands and the click wheel is going to take a while to get used to. My old iPod Mini had a bigger wheel and therefore I feel a little unconfortable with this new one. However the color display is very nice and there is no problem watching pictures on it

About battery time I haven’t used it so much and I guess getting optimal battery life is going to take a few full chargings
. Browsing through to menu is no diffrent than before however there is one little thing that make me feel very good and that is that when you play an song the album cover is shown in the display
. Overall I like it very much and I am going to have many hours of quality listening. More to come..

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