fMoblog version 1.3

No Comments    September 26, 2005 10:07

I recently updated the fMoblog plugin for WordPress
. Now it’s possible to show more thumbs in the sidebar from the latest images

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. I also fixed some issues regarding permalinks and adjusted the css and layout to fit IE since this excellent browser (not) does’nt render floating divs correctly. Left floating divs are supposed to wrap to the next row if the space is to small for the whole div to fit
. IE fails to do this, so some adjustments had to be made .

I currently use Firefox which is a standard compliant browser and therefore render the floating divs correctly. I did not now about this bug, and thanks to Mr Brendan drawing my attention to this I managed to fix this issue. Version 1.3 is now up for downloading.

I also added for the user to choose how often the mail box should be checked.

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