f3Green IE bug fixed (again)

7 Comments    July 25, 2006 14:51

At last I found the bug that made f3Green render like a mess in IE
. I have tested the theme in IE, Safari, Camino and Firefox and it’s working like a charm
. Thanks to all of you who had patience with me and this pesky little bug

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Picture 1.png

The new theme can be downloaded here. If you are using images wider then the center area the sidebars will not fit the layout, so use images wisley

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  1. 18 years ago  

    I downloaded the latest version, and I’m still having a weird IE issue. (Works fine in Firefox.)

    On the main page, everything is showing up in the left column for some reason. The things that are supposed to be in the right column are on the left, but waaaaaay down the page. If you click an archive page, or a category, it shows up correctly using both columns as it should.

    Any idea how I can fix this?

  2. Remco Koot

    18 years ago  

    Hi Fredrik,

    Nice theme’s, but why is there no out of the box support for your own fgallery?
    Or is there a simple solution to fix it yourself?



  3. 18 years ago  

    I am also having trouble with fgallery on this theme. I have follwed the FAQ. Thank you :)

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