A 100 years ago

2 Comments    September 23, 2005 19:14

Today it is exactly 100 years ago that Sweden left Norway to it’s own
. Sweden did hold of this small country to the west of us for quite long time. But for some reason We decided to hand it back. This is the biggest mistake the Sweds have done

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. If we had kept Norway we too had been oil billionaires . Tha agreement was actually signed here in Karlstad, at the Free masons’ building. So today we are celebrating this with the prime minister coming here holding a speach and there are artists and music at the town square
. But we have nothing to celebrate right… or?

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  1. 19 years ago  

    Sweden rules. I can understand the oil point, but if every country did that we wouldn´t have wars or conflicts (like in the middle east).

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