fQuick version 1.2 now with RSS

8 Comments    October 30, 2005 21:48

Version 1.2 of fQuick WordPress plugin now comes with RSS feed

. The link to the RSS feed is displayed in the meta area of the sidebar

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. So now your readers can take advantage of the syndication of your SideNotes

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  1. 16 years ago  

    Hi Frederik,

    I have installed fQuick. I can installed it easily. Thanks for your great plugin.

    But I have one dumb question: why the YEAR on my SideNotes is 2020? What’s wrongwith my installation? How to change it to 2005?


  2. 16 years ago  

    Thanks for your support, Fred. I have reinstalled it and it works. Two thumbs up for you, Fred!

  3. 16 years ago  

    Hi Frederik. It’s me again. Hope you are still have patience to answer my dumb question. The error date on the SideNotes has been corrected. But, on the RSS file, it is still dated April 2020. You can check on my SideNotes RSS file. What should I do?

  4. 16 years ago  

    Hi Frederik,

    Thank you very much for your patience. I have downloaded your new file and installed it perfectly. The dates on the SideNotes and on the RSS are correct. Thank you very much.

    But I wonder how to create an Archive page because when I put code as you instructed, it does not appear at all. I am a newbie in PHP so I recheck the fquick-wp.php. I concluded that the correct code is . Am I right, Frederik?

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