fMulti theme released

7 Comments    October 22, 2005 11:17

fMulti theme announced here is now released and can be downloaded
. fMulti is something unusual as a dark theme with black and orange as the dominating colors, however go get a copy

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  1. 16 years ago  

    Hi. I love your themes. Great color schemes, neat design! I downloaded f3green. However, whenever I click to check the comments area, the whole site goes to the left. Any idea why?

  2. 16 years ago  

    Can you recreate the error and please provide me with a link. I did try it at my site and it look fine. I have made some changes to the themes, maybe you should redownload it.

  3. 16 years ago  

    Still have problems. I think it has to do with the comments posted on my blog. IN any case, I downloaded fgreen instead. Equally beautiful!!! :)

    Hope you’d design a 3 column theme with both sidebars on one side. hehe

  4. 15 years ago  

    Hi Fredrik!

    A great theme, which you created :)

    but one questiong… where can I change the background (on the left and the right site of the website)?

    thanks for your help,

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