Download: WP-Forum version 2.4


Version 2+ is not backwards compatible with earlier version


Q. My theme is too narrow, how do I remove the sidebar in my theme?

A. Instructions here

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For further support questions please use the support forum.


Simple discussion forum plugin for WordPress.



  1. Copy the content of the zip-file to wp-content/plugins
  2. Go and activate the plugin.
  3. Create a page from the page tab
  4. Click on the HTML button in WordPress and then insert:
  5. Go to settings->wp-forum and start adding groups and forums.
  6. You must then visit the WP-Forum options panel in WP admin.
  7. Setup a link in your theme to your forum (unless you have your pages auto-linking in the navagation menu)
  8. To show the latest acitvity in the sidebar go to design->widgets and add the WP- forum widget. Or add
    <?php latest_activity(numbers_to_show);?>

    anywhere in your template . Where “numbers_to_show” is an actual number, defaults to 5.

  9. Important; If you upload a new version go to plugin managment and deactivate and then re-activate WP-Forum.
  10. Visit the structure page of the wp-forum managment.
  11. IMPORTANT: Got to the skin tab and activate a skin