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17 Comments    January 11, 2006 15:00

fHeaven theme previously announced here is released and can be found at my themes page

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  1. 17 years ago  

    ooo and also the border at the top , this border is no good, maybe change a background to make it all good , this one is no good

  2. Tom

    17 years ago  

    Great Theme! but it seems I cant get the RSS feeds to work with it

  3. 17 years ago  

    good work and a nice work… Thanks for this theme 😉

    Greetz Fluidum

  4. Mang

    17 years ago  

    Great theme but there are two major problems:

    1- The theme does not match on the top and the bottom. It’s off a pixel or two ,as another person posted. This prevents an even line up of the theme. Can you fix this or explain how?

    2- I love the way you did the Pages, but there’s no way to find subpages when using this theme, since it doesn’t show you subpages. This is a problem for any site that uses Subpages. I’d recommend maybe a drop down or something cause a lot of sites use subpages.

  5. 17 years ago  

    I fixed the to and bottom problem. Thanks for noticing. This was only i IE and I don’t use that one.

  6. Mang

    17 years ago  

    Quick response, thanks Fredrik! I’ll get the new theme right now. I really love this theme, the way you did the PAGES is amazing. I still need to find a way around the SUBPAGES since it’s not shown in your theme, but this theme is probably in the top 3 I’ve seen for WP so far.

    Great job! If you find a solution to showing SUBPAGES, let me know! I’d love to see it.


  7. Wayne

    17 years ago  

    great theme, i really like. the one thing i am having a problem with is changing the #image at the top of the main body. The only reference i found to it was in the style.css file. i changed that to the .jpg file i wanted to use in the images folder where the original is, but it won’t show up. Any ideas.


  8. Wayne

    17 years ago  

    in IE it looks like the site is coming up the top row and bottom row not in line with the body. Also the sidebar is taking over 2 minutes to load, if it does load.

  9. Jeb

    17 years ago  

    I love simplicity, which is why this theme is great. The only thing I didn’t care for was the image, so I deleted it in the css. Thanks for the great theme.

  10. 16 years ago  

    Whats the problem with sidebar in IE ??? how can i fix that in CSS?


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