Google blog search is now up.

September 26, 2005

[url][/url] Looking for something in a blog then you should go here.

fMoblog version 1.3

September 26, 2005

I recently updated the fMoblog plugin for WordPress. Now it’s possible to show more thumbs in the sidebar from the latest images. I also fixed some issues regarding permalinks and adjusted the css and layout to fit IE since this excellent browser (not) does’nt render floating divs correctly. Left floating divs are supposed to wrap…

fQuick WP sidenotes plugin released

September 25, 2005

For some time ago I felt I needed a quick way to post sidenotes on my blog whithout having to make a new link category and format my template to show only that particular category. I had three things I wanted this to be able to do: Quick insertion of sidenotes with link.fQuick plugin let…

Add-free Opera

September 24, 2005

[url][/url] Finally Opera is free from adds and can be downloaded.

Karlstad offroad

September 23, 2005

[url][/url] The guys I go ride my dirt bike with.

A 100 years ago

September 23, 2005

Today it is exactly 100 years ago that Sweden left Norway to it’s own. Sweden did hold of this small country to the west of us for quite long time. But for some reason We decided to hand it back. This is the biggest mistake the Sweds have done. If we had kept Norway we…

WordPress support forum

September 23, 2005

[url][/url] Have any questions about WordPress? I bet you find answers here.

Firefox Patch

September 22, 2005

[url][/url] The Mozilla Foundation has released the latest version of its Firefox Web browser, 1.07.

fMoblog User

September 22, 2005

[url][/url] One of the first user of fMoblog.

Favorite WordPress templates

September 21, 2005

I was wondering which your top 5 favorite WordPress templates are. Considering the large amount of templates available it’s not easy to choose, but here are my favorites. Flex Blix Green Marinee Almost Spring Pool