WordPress image gallery plugin on the way

March 17, 2006

iI’m about to finish a new image gallery plugin with a lot of features such as: Direct upload from WordPress admin. Language selection. Images ordered by albums and with the ability to exclude images from an album without deleting it. Easy managment of images and albums from the WordPress admin interface. Edit CSS in the…

Boost your wireless router

March 6, 2006

[url]http://www.hyperwrt.org/[/url] Allows manual adjustment of signal strength and alot more additional features.

iPod Hi-Fi

March 6, 2006

[url]http://www.apple.com/uk/ipodhifi/[/url] this one should be perfect in my living room. I love that design. Yep, I want one!

Simple PHP template

February 25, 2006

Have you ever wondered how to create a simple PHP template for using on your web site? This tutorial will explain the concept and in the end you will see some code examples. The concept of templates is that from one simple index file we include some other file based on GET variables. If you…

iPod Nano 1 Gb

February 15, 2006

[url]http://www.apple.com[/url] iPod Nano now comes with 1 Gb memory

Mac OS X 10.4.5 is here

February 15, 2006

[url]http://www.apple.com[/url] Apple released an update for their OS

MacBook Pro shipping, now even faster

February 15, 2006

[url]http://www.apple.com/[/url] MacBook Pro now released and Apple made them faster.

I just got myself a new laptop

February 14, 2006

My well used IBM Thinkpad R50e had to go yesterday to a friend who always wanted a laptop. I sold this one due to the low max resolution of the screen (1024 x 768). I have discovered that this is not enough for designing or programming. I sure need a lot of space. So I…

CSS Mania goes live

February 12, 2006

[url]http://www.cssmania.com[/url] The css show case CSS Mania goes live with a new design. Beautiful.

Why is it so hard

February 3, 2006

…for me to learn when to hold’em or when to fold’em? I always assume people are bluffing which puts me in a lot of akward situation when playing poker. I guess I have to learn the hard way by loosing. And as Doyle Brunson once said: It have costed me a brand new Cadillac to…