A baby named Google

October 27, 2005

[url]http://www.google-kai.com/[/url] Google KAI is the name of their Lovely SON.

Suggestions for fMoblog 2.1

October 27, 2005

I have thought about adding an page for fMoblog in WordPress‘s admin interface where you can add, delete and edit images. So uploading can be done either by e-mail or the admin interface. Deleting images from the fMoblog page will no longer be available. What do you think of these additions? If you have other…

All my themes are now valid XHTML

October 27, 2005

I took the time today and went through all my themes to make them validate. It was not much to do, just some minor errors from my side. So now you can enjoy my themes and rest assured that they all validate.

fMulti theme released

October 22, 2005

fMulti theme announced here is now released and can be downloaded. fMulti is something unusual as a dark theme with black and orange as the dominating colors, however go get a copy.

fMoblog version 2.0 released

October 20, 2005

Updates for version 2.0: Support for adding descriptive text to an image. This is made by adding text to the message body of the e-mail. The text must be contained between two #. Ex. #This is a descriptive text to my image#. Check out this image at my demo page to see the result. Everything…

What you all think of this?

October 19, 2005

It’s a new theme for WordPress I’ve just finished called fMulti. Available for download at my themes page.

fSubtle WordPress theme released

October 19, 2005

The fSubtle theme described here are now released and can be downloaded from the themes page.

Super site for Windows

October 18, 2005

[url]http://www.winsupersite.com/[/url] Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows is dedicated to providing all of the information you need to evaluate Microsoft’s upcoming Windows platform technologies.

Beginner’s QT GUI tutorial

October 18, 2005

As a programmer/computer engineer I thought I should share some of my knowledge to you who are interested. In this tutorial you will learn to create a simple program with a graphical user interface.

Currently working on a new WordPress theme

October 17, 2005

Working on a new subtle WordPress theme called… well you guessed it, fSubtle. It will be released in a few days, just give some time to finish it of by testing it and polish. Update: fSubtle is now released and can be downloaded.