CSS Mania goes live

February 12, 2006

[url]http://www.cssmania.com[/url] The css show case CSS Mania goes live with a new design. Beautiful.

Why is it so hard

February 3, 2006

…for me to learn when to hold’em or when to fold’em? I always assume people are bluffing which puts me in a lot of akward situation when playing poker. I guess I have to learn the hard way by loosing. And as Doyle Brunson once said: It have costed me a brand new Cadillac to…


January 26, 2006

As you can see I made some changes to the web site. Hope you like it. I think you will find stuff at the same place where it’s always been. Much of my inspiration comes from Unmached style and leftbrained.

Bad bet of the day

January 25, 2006

At today’s poker session I made the most stupid thing. I had AK in the pocket. I raise big pre flop, one player called. Flop comes up: AKK. I checked, player checked, turn: 2, I bet big, player called, what’s he’s got I wounder. Does he have AK too in the pocket? Or does he…

China to build world’s first “artificial sun” experimental device

January 24, 2006

[url]http://english.people.com.cn/200601/21/eng20060121_237208.html[/url] The mother of all bad ideas. I mean a 100 million degrees Celcius, doesn’t that hurt?

WYSIWYG editor for MT 3.x

January 24, 2006

[url]http://weblog.leidenuniv.nl/users/klaassenplf/[/url] This is a nice thing for all MT users, c’mon WordPress.

Dual boot Mac OSX86 and Win XP

January 23, 2006

In a recent article I said that there were no way to install Mac OSX on a partition but only to an empty hard drive. Well, I have found a way to install Mac Os X on a partition and dual boot Win XP. You aren’t allowed to use this guide to install OSX on…

WordPress theme fHeaven released

January 11, 2006

fHeaven theme previously announced here is released and can be found at my themes page.

MacBook Pro

January 10, 2006

The new Intel based Apple laptop is finally here. How I have waited for this one to come.

Currently working on a new theme

January 9, 2006

I have to apologize for the lack of updates during Christmas, but you know how it is. I’m currently working on a new WordPress theme which I think will be available in a very near future. This one’s called fHeaven.