Live Redesign

April 13, 2006

I managed to find time to redesign this site, it will continue further some time while I tweak things here ad there. Now there are support for gravatar for visitor comments. The colors are inspired from my own themes fGreen and f3Green which you can download at my themes page. Looks as if I stepped…

fGallery version 0.2 released

April 7, 2006

Finally I’m done tweaking this plugin. Feedback is still appreciated.

fSpring widget support

April 7, 2006

Go grab a copy.

Secrets of a WordPress plugin

April 3, 2006

A while ago I wrote a small tutorial on how a WordPress theme is created, now I would like to share some “secrets” of WordPress plugin programming, so here we go. So what kind of plugin are we going to create? Let’s do a plugin that gets some WordPress data from the database and puts…

Coming updates to fGallery

April 2, 2006

Thanks to Bram Van Damme who gave me some excellent feedback on the fGallery plugin I’m now in the process of updateing the gallery with mulitple uploads and uploading an entire zip file containing images. There was a also suggestion that every album should have it’s own folder. This might come in the next release,…

Spring flavoured theme

March 29, 2006

I’ve got the spring blues so I thought this might cheer things up. It has just been released, take a look at my themes page.

fGala released

March 26, 2006

…and can be downloaded at my themes page. Enjoy.

fGala WordPress theme

March 25, 2006

In a few days my new theme for WordPress will be released, here is a preview.

WordPress image gallery fGallery released

March 21, 2006

My new WordPress plug in announced in the previous article is now released and the corresponding page with download can be found here.

Firefox 2.0 Alpha is here!

March 20, 2006

[url][/url] If you can’t wait for a stable release.