Firefox Patch

September 22, 2005

[url][/url] The Mozilla Foundation has released the latest version of its Firefox Web browser, 1.07.

fMoblog User

September 22, 2005

[url][/url] One of the first user of fMoblog.

Favorite WordPress templates

September 21, 2005

I was wondering which your top 5 favorite WordPress templates are. Considering the large amount of templates available it’s not easy to choose, but here are my favorites. Flex Blix Green Marinee Almost Spring Pool

My Vision code snippet

September 20, 2005

My Vision has released a plugin for WordPress for us who constantly are posting code to our posts. Color coding and intendation is very nice, thanks a lot, this one it sure made my life easier.

Why can’t I get wp-itunes to work?

September 19, 2005

Tried the wp-itunes plugin today but I could not get it to work. It did put the songs in my database but it did not fetch the album art from Amazon. Yes I do have a subscription token. Anybody have any idea? I sure would preciate some help.

fArc – My second WordPress plugin

September 19, 2005

Made my new plugin for WordPress today. It’s making the archive alot more informative as it adds permalinks to the posts and to the comments. It displays the archive by month and year with post title and number of comments. Read more here…

fMoblog – My first WordPress plugin

September 17, 2005

fMoblog is a plugin for WordPress 1.5.x which enables the user to post pictures and a description from a cell phone. Pictures can also be uploaded by email. The pictures apperar as a gallery with clickable thumbnails and is sorted monthly. You can view my example here. You can either post from your cell phone…

Studio 8 is released

September 16, 2005

Finally Macromedia has released the Studio 8 suite for web developing. So why don’t you go grab some trials download or just buy the darn thing. I have just downloaded it and will try it for 30 days and see if it’s worth buying. The first thing I notice are the new interface for editing…

AdSense trouble solved

September 16, 2005

Yesterday I was about to set up AdSense for this site when I got a mail from Google saying that I was using one of their brand names on this site. I search and looked if I could find any but i coudn’t. However I mailed back to Google and explained that I thought it…

iTunes 5 problems

September 16, 2005

Apple has acknowledged problems with the Windows version of iTunes 5 and said it will release an update next week to fix the issues. Apple is aware that a limited number of customers are experiencing issues with installing iTunes 5, We‚Äôre working to resolve this and expect to have a software update early next week….