Mactel, Will you buy?

6 Comments    December 20, 2005 20:29

Rumors says that Apple will release their first Intel based computer in January, 2006
. In fact this computer will be a laptop

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. This makes me wounder if it will be the same success as the iPods.

Will you buy an Intel based Apple laptop?

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  1. Bernd

    17 years ago  

    Definitely! My current laptop is an IBM ThinkPad with Intel Centrino and it’s a very fine machine. Low energy consumption, low temperature. No nerving cooling fan sound as in Intel Pentium based laptops.

    My next laptop will be a Mac because after all these years Windows sucks and Linux as desktop OS sucks, too. If I can get an elegant Powerbook with Intel CPU I will definitely buy one.

  2. 17 years ago  

    I also own a IBM ThinkPad and I agree it’s a fine mashine but the design of these things can make you cry. It would be nice to have a beautiful computer for once with the stability of FreeBSD.

  3. Bernd

    17 years ago  

    Hm, I like the ThinkPad design: black, plain, functional. Far better than most other laptops. But surely the design of Macs is very slick. :-)

  4. 17 years ago  

    I can not wait to see Apple’s offering. If they do things right, OS X will be the perfect blend of a geek’s dreams. Lets hope politics, intellectual property, and profits don’t f it up.

  5. 17 years ago  

    What is this Apple stands for. In India nothing is known about that product. I have seen two or three machines integrated to medical equipments…

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