MacBook Pro

7 Comments    January 10, 2006 20:58

The new Intel based Apple laptop is finally here

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. How I have waited for this one to come


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  1. 18 years ago  

    I want one! If only they hadn’t renamed it to something as STUPID as MacBook Pro.

  2. 18 years ago  

    I’d definitely wait for the second generation of Intel Macs before buying. Let them sort out all the kinks and really get the Mac OS working 100% with the Intel chips.

  3. 18 years ago  

    I’m very interested in upgrading from my PowerBook G4 to the new MacBook Pro (but I hate the name). I’m going to wait though for the second release of this laptop, and also for Microsoft to come out with a new release of Virtual PC that runs on the Core Duo. I’m working on a cross platform version of Liberty BASIC ( that will run Mac/Win/Linux, and Virtual PC has been extremely helpful.

  4. 18 years ago  

    Have you seen the news on Apple’s site that they are already shipping this model with faster processors than they originally announced? I’ve never seen anything like this.

  5. Mike

    17 years ago  

    Has anyone heard word on when the second release of the MacBook Pro is due? I really want this computer, but I want to wait until all the bugs of a first release are sorted out.

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