fTiny WordPress theme released

12 Comments    December 9, 2005 16:32

At last I have managed to find some time to pull together a new theme for WordPress

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. The new theme is called fTiny and can be downloaded at my themes page



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  1. 17 years ago  

    Wow, this is superb, Frederik. I have downloaded and installed it on my server. Well done, man!

  2. 17 years ago  

    Hi Fredrik :)

    Great theme!
    I’m curently using it on my website, but i thik i need a plugin or something as i cant see my links in the menu bar ? is this correct ?

  3. 17 years ago  

    when you’re logged in as admin, and you leave a comment on your own posts.

    the font colour is white and can only be seen when you ‘highlight’ it. just wanted to point this out.

  4. 17 years ago  

    i’ve solved it myself. you just have to change the colour code in the style.css file.

  5. 16 years ago  

    I use this theme and I like it a lot. But after a few weeks, I checked my theme using IE, and I found my sidebar all the way on the bottom.

    It seems that this is only a problem in IE. I have tried both Opera, Firefox and Safari. But since most people use IE, I would really appreciate it if you knew how to fix this problem.

  6. 15 years ago  

    […] Resolvi mudar o tema do blog, após um tempão usando o fTiny, pra ser mais exato desde que uso o WordPress como plataforma para meu blog, lá se vão cerca de seis meses. […]

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