fSubtle WordPress theme released

4 Comments    October 19, 2005 12:43

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The fSubtle theme described here are now released and can be downloaded from the themes page

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  1. 16 years ago  

    One word for your fsubtle theme: s-u-p-e-rb. I have downloaded and installed it on my server. I have also tried too. But, I still use my current theme. After getting bored with my theme, I will change to yours. Thanks, Frederik.

  2. Jamm3r

    16 years ago  

    Hi, nice work with this theme :)
    I just installed it on my own just-bought-domain. I have just two little notes, i hope this can help you.

    1. In the “index.php” file, there’s this part of code


    where the “–>” should be after the closure of the h2 tag

    2. In the “sidebar.php” file, there’s

    Search this site:

    Well, the input tag lacks the string id=”s”.

    With these two little modifies the site (at least, the homepage) should become xhtml 1.0 Valid, or at least it became for me :)

    Thanks for your themes man :)


    P.S. I hope my english is at least comprehensible :)

  3. Jamm3r

    16 years ago  

    Ouch, it seems that the code won’t work on the comments, too bad :/

    If you want, contact me at the email address I used for the comment, I would be pleased if this can help :)


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