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32 Comments    October 10, 2005 14:09

If someone is interested I have made a new theme which is based on the fBlue theme. I have changed the colors and some other stuff. Pleasse tell me what you think of this and leave a comment. And thanks to Bartelme design for inspiration.

Screenshot fGreen

I may or may not put this one up for download, it depends on the feedback I get. Oh, and fantastic fives just became fantastic six.

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  1. 13 years ago  

    I¬¥m in…al your designs are great…and your support too.

    If you make it available for download..I¬¥m in…if not…make me your spanish-beta-tester 😉

    Nice work

  2. 13 years ago  

    Hi, I really like your fGreen Theme…it would be nice if you’ll release it for download :) pleassseee.

  3. 13 years ago  

    This doesn’t look like Bartelme Design………………………………..

  4. 13 years ago  

    I like it very much. The color are soft and it is very nice. Plese provide us with a link to download the theme. Thank you very much.

    Hey, I hope in the near future the fantastIXx sIX will be the magnificent seven. I am waiting for your next theme.

  5. Kimmie

    13 years ago  

    This would be PERFECT for me, please do release it! It’s beautiful.

  6. 13 years ago  

    oh,i like this one !”Barteleme” is also a well know site!I want this theme!~

  7. 13 years ago  

    Frederik, which one do you choose: Barteleme or bartelme? Look at your link above. :)

  8. 13 years ago  

    Martin Labuschin-
    For your information I can tell you that I did contact Wolfgang before I released the theme he did approved. I specially asked if he thopught it was a rip and he did not.

    This is what I sent to Wolfgang:
    You have a great site with lots of quality content and a great look.
    I have made a WordPress theme with you as my source of inspiration. I hope I did not offend you by lending some of your colors from your old design and the blue header from your new. If you feel my design is to close to yours, please don not hesitate and let me know and I will of course change this.”

    And the answer was:


    no problem ‚Äî my site is intended to serve as inspiration for you guys As long as it is no exact rip off I’m absolutely okay with that.”

    have a nice day,

  9. 13 years ago  

    but what is your opinion of difference of a 90%copy an an inspiration? ich think that this template is a copy!

  10. 13 years ago  

    I really don’t like to repeat myself but in this case I think I have to.

    “If you feel my design is to close to yours, please do not hesitate and let me know and I will of course change this”

    I simply let Wolfgang be the judge if it was a copy or not. Now, I will not repeat my self again.

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