Boot Camp is obsolete – try Parallels Desktop

2 Comments    June 2, 2006 23:02

A few weeks ago I tried to install Windows XP SP2 on my MacBook but failed doing so . I tried to end up with a computer being able to dual boot Windows and Mac OS X but all I got was a complete usless lapto… sorry I meant notebook (MacBook can hardly be called a laptop due to the extensive heat) unable to boot to… well, none of the above.


Pissed off and tried of this I found an application called Parallels Desktop in which I can boot up Windows within Mac OS X
. So why is Boot Camp obsolete you might ask. I mean that instead of shutting down OS X and then boot up Windows to do one small thing and then go trough a new boot sequense into OS X, you can boot up Windows and still keep working in OS X while Windows boots up then do your thing in Windows then shut it down without affecting OS X. Isn’t that a blast.

The only time a native Windows boot is required is if you want to play games. I have a PS2 fo that kind of stuff so.

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  1. 16 years ago  

    Wow, looks like I’m first to comment – I love RSS!

    Anyway, PD sounds good, but what’s the driver support like? Heard that even boot camp was dodgy in that department. Can you use USB devices in Windoze?

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