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3 Comments    October 14, 2005 09:52

It looks as if Apple is going to get even more marked share with their new iPod 5G, capable of playing videos . And as Apple says:

We went from portable music to portable videos just over night.

Will you buy this or not?. Well I just bought a iPod Nano and I am quite satisfied but I can not l hide from the fact that it doesn’t play videos
. Maybe I do need another iPod (my third)
. Well done Apple this is a real stunner. Also the new iMac G5 with Front Row entertainment system for managing your media via a remote control, as if you aren’t sitting at you computer while working.

Anyway these are great product updates, so all I have to do now is buy me an Apple

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  1. 16 years ago  

    Apple always make us purchase products that in actuality we may not really need. I have an iPod Photo, but I want the new one but I don’t need it…lol.

    I hear Apple is holding a conference on Oct.19…look out for what’s coming.

  2. 16 years ago  

    I thought it was a great idea and I had high expectations for it, but the screen just doesn’t cut it. Zen makes a video devices that has an exceptionally higher quality screen – and for that matter, so does the psp if you feel like cross encoding your dvd collection.

    The one part where I feel the v-pod lets us all down is that you can’t rip your dvd collection for playback on the device. It takes away some of the fun.

  3. 16 years ago  

    Yeah, the PSP is probably a better choice, I guess the games on PSP are just a little bit better then on the v-pod.

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